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        The Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes is updated annually, or more frequently online if new evidence or regulatory changes merit immediate incorporation,
        9 Jul 2018 ADA 2018: Critical Changes in the New ADA Guidelines for Type 2 When we put together the position statement back in 2012, and thenOn March 15, 2012, compliance with the 2010 Standards was required for new construction and alterations under Titles II and III. March 15, 2012, is also the
        This is an unofficial document sponsored in part by the ARA. The Rationale gives an overview of the changes and additions in Ada 2012, and gives examples of
        On May 18, 2012, DOJ extended the compliance date for 28 CFR 35.150(b)(1) and (b)(2)(ii), and 28 CFR 36.304(d)(2)(iii) as to existing POOLS, to January 31,
        8 Dec 2017 Notable new recommendations in the 2018 edition of the Standards of if new evidence or regulatory changes merit immediate incorporation.
        Keep up with the latest information for Diabetes Care and other ADA titles via Facebook changes in recommendations to new ev- . Association, 2012. 3.
        13 Dec 2011 These standards of care are revised annually by the ADA’s .. These diagnostic criteria changes are being made in the context of worrisome
        A table linking the changes in recommendations to new evidence can be The American Diabetes Association funds development of the standards and all its
        16 Feb 2011 March 15, 2012 is the compliance date for provisions governing to make changes to those elements to bring them into compliance with the


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