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        articulation of occlusal rims

        canine line occlusal rim

        record bases and occlusal rims

        how to polish occlusal rims

        occlusal rim mandible

        wax rim for denturesocclusal rims article

        guidelines on occlusal rims

        1- The record base must have rigidity to withstand occlusal loads. Occlusion rim is occluding surfaces constructed on record bases for the purpose of making
        Dec 5, 2014 –

        This article describes an alternative method to establish the inclination of the occlusal plane by using the hamular notch, incisive papilla plane. By using this
        Determination of the inclination of the occlusal plane is an important step in the fabrication of equilibrated com- plete dentures.1. Various anatomic landmarks

        the record rim material for recording maxilla-mandibular records. Occlusion rim: the occlusal surfaces fabricated on record bases for the purpose of making
        Record base & occlusion rim. Record base ( or base plate ). Is a temporary form , representing the base of the denture . it is used to recording maxillomadibular
        Maxillomandibular relationship (MMR) recorded with the help of wax occlusion rims, with or without an interocclusal recording medium, tends to distort during
        Apr 26, 2017 –
        Apr 26, 2017 –
        Jun 7, 2016 –

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