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        24 Feb 2019 Microsoft REST API Guidelines. Here are some specific considerations to keep in mind. Watch out for APIs that leak internal implementation
        21 Jul 2016 Microsoft REST API Guidelines Are Not RESTful. URLs should be readable and constructible by humans to facilitate the adoption of such APIs without the need of a client library. The following HTTP verbs are supported: GET, PUT, DELETE, POST, HEAD, PATCH, OPTIONS. GET, PUT, DELETE and HEAD should be idempotent. Custom
        The Microsoft REST API Guidelines, as a design principle, encourages application This document establishes the guidelines Microsoft REST APIs SHOULD
        Microsoft REST API Guidelines. Microsoft How to ensure API governance (advertise, consistency, ) How to send events or notifications to API consumers.
        19 Jul 2016 Microsoft today published its “REST API Design Guidelines” to the API community. These guidelines represent a multi-year, cross-company,
        18 Jun 2018 An awesome collection of API design patterns and best practices on resources, These resources are mostly specific to RESTful API design.
        Microsoft REST API Guidelines. The Microsoft REST API Guidelines, as a design principle, encourages application developers to have resources accessible to them via a RESTful HTTP interface.
        11 Jan 2018 REST APIs use a uniform interface, which helps to decouple the client and service implementations. For REST APIs built on HTTP, the uniform interface includes using standard HTTP verbs to perform operations on resources. The most common operations are GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE.
        4 Oct 2016 The API practices of the Web Giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Here are the 5 basic design guidelines that make a RESTful API:.21 Jul 2016 Microsoft, tech giant and one of the world’s largest API producers, has published version 2.3 of its REST API Guidelines. While the guidelines

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