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      How to increase my income as a musician

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        Guys, I’m a beginning musician, and I’d really appreciate it if you could recommend me how to promote my music and make more money?

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        I think you need to collaborate with other small artists and you can also use tiktok since it’s a pretty popular platform.

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        Well, I recommend you to try platforms like DiscoKid to promote your music on different streaming platforms and get money for every stream. Also, you can monetize your music on emanate using their cryptocurrency EMT, and I’m pretty sure it’s a great platform for new artists that helps them get more recognition.

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        Where can I download music for free?

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        Hi! I recently found the mp3juice.link website where you can download music for free. In addition, you can also paste the URL of the video and click the search button to convert the video to audio. As soon as you click the search button, the video conversion will begin. Once it is ready, you can download the converted file or downloaded songs.

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