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      What is an essay and how to write it correctly?

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        In the life of a modern person, there are often situations when it is necessary to write an essay. One should not be afraid of it. The main thing is not just to reveal the topic, but to do it in an interesting way, trying to capture the reader’s attention from the first sentence.
        Definition of an essay
        Before you begin your assignment, it is necessary to understand what an essay is and what its fundamental differences are from other types of creative writing. Let’s start with the definition. An essay is a genre of literary prose of small volume and free composition. An essay of this type conveys the author’s individual impression or opinion concerning a certain topic. The term comes from the French essai, “sketch, sample, attempt,” which goes back to the Latin exagium, “weighing.
        Our professional writers from have prepared for you the main characteristics of this type of paper.
        Depending on the content, form, and style of presentation, literary theorists distinguish different types of essays:

        • fiction, history, spiritual and religious;
        • stories, letters, diaries, reviews, notes, miniatures;
        • descriptive, narrative, critical, analytical; subjective, objective.

        The boundaries of the essay as a genre are conditional, so the author can use a freestyle of narration, sharing impressions and judgments about a particular phenomenon, subject or global trends, large-scale events. Characteristics of the genre essays are distinguished from other types of essays by specific characteristics:
        <p>The subjectivity of judgment.The author’s personality must be clearly expressed in the essay through attitudes and individualized evaluations.
        The movement in the narrative from the particular to the general
        . Often a quote plays the role of point of departure, which can be included in an epigraph. From a single case, the author gradually moves on to generalizing analytical or philosophical arguments about the problem posed at the beginning of the essay. Due to the lack of writing standards, the composition can also be reversed – from global conclusions to confirming them in the finale with a parable, proverb, a wise classic quote, an indisputable fact.</p>

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        • This topic was modified 6 days, 9 hours ago by  Charlesmox.

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